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Yes, because we want every visitor to be safe! So there will be a security check on entrance!

– NO Backpacks allowed!
– Only purses can enter after a security check!
– No liquids above 100ml, only small ones (sun protection cream, lens liquid, parfume,…)

You have to be 16 years old the day you visit Fantasia Festival!

You probably received the ticket from a very good friend or you were the one that ordered your tickets for your friends!

NO PROBLEM! Just make sure that everyone has their own ID-card and big smile with them!!!

Entrance and Fantasia Festival Area are located in the ‘Vossestraat, Hamme-Zogge’

No you can’t… it would be sad not to taste the amazing cocktails, ice-cold beers and the best Belgian fries and snacks ever!

We will start at 1 PM or as we Flemish say 13.00h, and we close our venue at 1 o’clock!

You will find many salespoints spreadout over the festival area, some are equipped with PIN/BANK transfer machines!

Follow the signs (stationary or some of them with a heartbeat!)


Bike Parking will be very close to the festival area! make sure to bring a lock and perhaps a spare key!

IN=IN / OUT=OUT , just to be clear.

Located near the main entrance there will be a fully equipped Red Cross crew! (www.rodekruis.be)

From the start Fantasia Festival has the name to be a safe and zero-tolerance-drug festival and we want to keep it that way!

There will be lockers for anyone to rent at Fantasia Festival.

Oh yes, watch for the sign and grab them free goodies at Fantasia Festival.

Feel free to join our sociale media pages and to spread them among your friends (and foes).

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Twitter: twitter.com/fantasiabelgium
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